Welcome To Kinsale Maritime Indonesia

2020 – Now Based on the Appointment Letter from Kinsale maritime singapore, navtek and the contract with Pelindo sub Pelindo marine PT. JPPI with this PT.KINSALE MARITIME INDONESIA is made to be part of a green port and clean energy zero emission


Welcome To Kinsale Maritime Indonesia

Firstly, let us express our gratitude to the Almighty God for all His blessing and gifts with his pleasure so we can run our business that has good development from year to year.

PT. KINSALE MARITIME INDONESIA Become a Reliable Company for Yours and make a clean earth

PT.KMI will experiences quite rapid growth, this is indicated by the increase in global exports and imports

With the support of our professional team, enthusiasm, and well product knowledge, we are able to provide a fast, intelligent, and efficient response. We realize that the excellent service is the benchmark of customer satisfaction the end,

We thank and highly appreciation to all the Stakeholders, Board of Management, All Staff, The Customers and the Company’s partner for the support, confidence, loyalty and cooperation rendered. May the Almighty Gods always upon us His guidance, protection and blessings for all our efforts. Aamiin


Welcome To Kinsale Maritime Indonesia

Shipyard Conventional

SHIPYARD we are fully committed to contributing in the field of shipbuilding based on high technology and clean energy

Ship Carter And Time Carter

SHIP CARTER AND TIME CARTER Currently we are working with logistics companies to operate and manage our vessels such as Barge, LCT, SPOB and Cargo Ship.

Shipyard For Zeetug

ZEE TUG Carrying out programs from the government and pelindo Green Port and clean energy zero emission PT. KMI is committed to being able to realize the manufacture of stretcher and pilot boats based on full electricity

Ship Crew

SHIP CREWBased on experts and the latest energy, special ship crews are needed and PT. KMI is also committed to channeling ship crews with high specifications to conventional shipping companies


Kinsale Maritime Indonesia

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Kinsale Maritime Indonesia




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